Full Grooms - Include - Bath in a shampoo of your choice & a blow dry. Coat groomed into your preferred style. Pads cleared of any hair. Hygiene trim. Nails Clipped. Ears plucked and cleaned where needed. All finished off with a doggy spritz perfume of your choice.

Bath & Blow dry - these are perfect for either dogs with shorthair, also include nail clipping & a spritz of doggy perfume. They are also ideal for in between full grooms to keep of top of any knots and keep your dog looking its best.

Puppy Introduction Grooms - Once your puppy is allowed outside they can come into our grooming salon. This is the perfect time to get them used to the grooming process. Introduction grooms are great to build up a puppies confidence and take it all at there speed. These grooms will include a bath & blow dry, hygiene clip, eyes trimmed, pads cleared of hair, nails clipped, ears plucked & cleaned, finished with a spritz of doggy perfume. 

​We also offer nail clips for just £7 please give us a call to book in.

Our Grooming Services


Prices of dog grooms can vary! The price all depends on the condition of the dogs coat, how regularly they are groomed, their behaviour and the style of groom you would prefer. Please visit the contact page and get in touch with us, we will be able to give you an estimated price.

We offer a number of different services to accommodate the grooming needs of various breeds.

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