Once your puppy has had all of her/his vaccinations we can give them what we call a puppy groom. This Includes Eyes, bottom and feet trimmed, also nails and ears plucked and cleaned if required and a bath to keep them smelling fresh. This will be a total of £19 up to 5 months of age, it is a great way to introduce your new puppy into the grooming procedures that they will need for the rest of their adult life.


Nails                                          £7

Ears Plucked and Cleaned    £7

Eyes and bottom Trim            £10

Poodle lamb Clip 

Toy               £36

Miniture     £38

Standard     £67

Other Breeds 

Newfoundland             £55

Alaskan Malamute      £50

Siberian Husky             £40

Rough Collie                  £50

 Irish Wolfhound           £40

Border Terrier 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Bichon Frise

Miniture Schnauzer

Shih Tzu

Lhasa Apso

Yorkshire Terrier

Airedale Terrier


Springer Spaniel

Giant Schnauzer



Bedlington Terrier

Cocker Spaniel

Shetland Sheepdog

Tibetan Terrier

Wire Fox Terrier


Golden Retriever
Border Collie

Examples of..                  Small                                      Medium                                       Large                                    X Large

All of the above prices will include a bath, nails clipped and the ears to be plucked and cleaned if required.

Full grooms from:     Bath Only from:       Handstripped from:    













X Large

These prices are a guide only and are subject to change depending on the size of the dog, condition of the coat and the dogs behaviour etc. It is tricky to get a price spot on, with all dogs and dog owners having different requirements. All of the reasons mentioned will have an effect on the overall cost of your dogs groom. This will be discussed and finalised on the day of your dogs groom once we have seen the dogs coat.

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