Billy No Mates - Natural flea & tick prevention. Add into your dogs food daily, only 1ml per 10kg of dog needed. This is sold in  50ml bottle at £5.50 and would last a small dog 50 days.

​Four Seasons - Natural wormer, used in your dogs food once a month. A 50ml bottle is £9

We are excited to announce we will be supplying a new range of raw food from, Furry Feasts, The Dogs Butcher & Bulmers. We also have our first order on its way from The Herbal Pet Supplies.

Why feed a raw diet?

We are proud stockists of Benyfit Natural Raw Food. Raw feeding is the most natural and biological appropriate diet for your dog. There is nothing artificial added and they are 100% DEFRA approved. All the ingredients they use are British, the meat is ethically sourced and the turkey is free range. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in changing to raw feeding.

Our dogs are naturally designed to digest raw meat and bones. Feeding a raw diet provides lots of nutritional benefits unlike kibble foods that loose nutrients due to the high processing heats. A raw diet is the most species appropriate diet for your dog, therefore it comes with many health benefits.

Better Digestion

​More formed and smaller stools

​Glossy Coats

No itchy skin

​Cleaner teeth & better breath

Easier Weight management

​Behavioural Benefits


Benyfit Natural Raw Dog Food

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Natural Flea & Tick Repelents